RSF Association Board of Directors is about to lift the ban on "Hadi Board" building materials-Rancho Santa Fe Review

2021-11-24 02:45:38 By : Mr. Lianyong Wang

The Rancho Santa Fe Association is closer to re-allowing the use of wood-like materials in housing construction.

In the past two months, RSF Association Director Greg Gruzdowich proposed to amend the association’s regulations on external construction materials and remove the limit on the percentage of timber in new and remodeled houses. In addition, he also proposed to revoke the decision of the board of directors in 2019 to ban the use of wood-grained "Hadiboard" wood board siding or similar fiber cement products.

Under the direction of the board of directors, RSF Association Construction Specialist Maryam Babaki is now redrafting the association’s regulations on external materials, which remove any percentage restrictions on the use of wood.

The regulations approved by the board of directors in 2020 stipulate that up to 25% of wood can be used in new buildings and renovations. An amendment in March this year removed restrictions on renovations and expanded the allowable number of new buildings to 33%. Gruzdovich argues that these restrictions are arbitrary and are not required by the protection convention.

Before the 2019 resolution, Gruzdowich stated that the art jury had allowed the use of Hardie boards or similar products for many years. One of the advantages of man-made materials is fireproof, insect-proof and waterproof-it will not crack or weather.

At the association’s board meeting on October 7, Gruzdovic was prepared to vote to revoke the day’s resolution, partly because the association received a letter from the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District. In the letter, Chief Fred Cox said that because of its fire-resistant properties, the region supports the use of fiber cement construction materials as wood substitutes.

Director Lorraine Kent expressed support because she said that the board is listening to a large number of public opinions to revoke the resolution.

"It is appropriate to repeal it because the resolution is disguised as a regulation," said Director Laurel Le Marie. "This absolutely needs to be cancelled because it was not done correctly in the first place."

Director Rick Tharp’s concern is to withdraw the resolution in the absence of a substitute, thereby “leaving a gap in the system”.

Bill Danola, chairman of the art jury, stated that "vacuum" will be a problem because there are about 5 to 10 projects considering external materials: "As an art jury, we need to clarify how to deal with Hardie boards. Application," he said.

Art jury member Beth Nelson agreed and pointed out that although the number of projects may seem insignificant to some people, they want to maintain the consistency, credibility and integrity of the art jury process, which requires clear guidance from the board of directors.

Bill Webber, president of MSF said: "I have not heard the fundamental differences on this matter, we are just trying to decide the correct order."

When the new external material regulations were approved, the board of directors unanimously voted to revoke the 2019 resolution. The revised draft of the external wall material regulations must be approved by the board of directors and announced 30 days before it can be voted on.

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