The nutritionist says the best breakfast combination for fast weight loss-don’t eat this

2021-11-24 02:57:02 By : Ms. Elaine Mao

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Although eating breakfast every morning is not necessarily necessary for weight loss, it turns out to be helpful—especially when you choose the right diet.

"Studies have shown that protein-rich breakfasts can stimulate satiety more than breakfasts with the same calories but higher fat or carbohydrate content. Specifically, these protein-rich meals are more effective than carbohydrates. Effectively reduce the level of hunger hormone (hunger hormone). Or fat-rich foods," said Julie Upton, MS, RD, a registered dietitian of our Medical Expert Committee.

Upton cited a study that found that when men eat protein-rich eggs and toast at breakfast, they eat more calories than men eat the same calorie cereal, milk, and toast (high carbohydrates) Or croissant (high-fat).

"Although it is not clear how much protein should be included in your breakfast to get the best results, the general consensus is that protein should be around 20-30 grams, and the carbohydrates in the meal should be whole-grain choices that are wholesome, not too much. Add more sugar. Fat can be very high, as long as it comes mainly from unsaturated sources," Upton said.

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But protein is not the only macronutrient that can support weight loss in the morning. There are many other nutrients (even vitamins and minerals) that can work synergistically and promote fat burning. For breakfast options that promote weight loss, please continue to read the recommendations of registered dietitians and more information on how to eat healthy. Don’t miss 15 practically effective underestimated weight loss tips.

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An effective weight loss breakfast combination is eggs and plant-based breakfast sausages. These are great in breakfast burritos. Upton is recommended, he uses 2 whole eggs and 1 egg white (or 4 egg whites) fried with 1 chopped plant-based breakfast sausage. "When scrambled eggs, add chopped spinach, chopped bell peppers and salsa. Put 1 small (6 inch) corn or whole wheat tortillas with at least 5 grams of protein," she said.

It helps to lose weight because "this breakfast contains about 25 grams of protein from eggs and plant-based sausages, as well as fiber and stuffed vegetables. Studies have shown that breakfast with about 20-30 grams of high-quality protein helps individuals eat There are fewer calories throughout the day. Egg protein can help keep blood sugar levels stable to control appetite and cravings," Upton explained.

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What happens when you combine the two healthiest breakfast foods together? The meal you get will enhance your weight loss efforts. "This breakfast combines the β-glucan fiber in oats. It is well known that oats help slow digestion and reduce hunger hormones to keep you full. Combine β-glucan with protein-rich Greek yogurt. The combination of high-quality protein and no added sugar is a win-win combination for weight loss," Upton said. To do this, “mix 1 cup of oatmeal with ½ cup of non-fat or low-fat plain Greek yogurt (ie Chobani plain non-fat or low-fat yogurt) and 1 cup of fresh or frozen (unsweetened) berries,” she suggests.

When making breakfast for weight loss, the two macronutrients you want to combine are protein and fiber. In addition, essential minerals can also help. "Dairy products like yogurt contain calcium: a nutrient that has been shown to help control weight. In addition, the high-quality protein in yogurt helps promote satiety. Berries are a natural source of fiber-another can help Factors that promote satiety-plus some unsweetened sweetness," said Lauren Manaker, a registered dietitian of our Medical Expert Committee and author of "The First Mother's Pregnancy Recipe". She is MS, RD, and CDN.

As long as your breakfast does not contain fat from processed meats or butter, fat can be part of a healthy diet. One way to add healthy fats is to pair it with the fatty fruit that everyone likes, avocado! "Whole grains are rich in fiber and can help us stay full for a long time. Putting avocado on top can increase the healthy fat in this dish, which also helps achieve weight loss goals," Manaker said.

For a delicious combination of protein and fiber, try a quick and easy omelet: "In some cases, egg breakfast is related to weight loss, partly because of the high-quality protein it contains. Pairing eggs with black beans can provide this dish Contains more protein and some fiber, making this dish fuller," Manaker said.

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