Global calcium silicate insulation market (2021-2026)-the growing demand for green building materials brings opportunities

2021-11-24 03:09:08 By : Mr. Jack Hou

Dublin, July 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - "The global calcium silicate insulation market (Europe, North America, , Asia Pacific, MEA, South America) has added the "Forecast to 2026" report.

In 2021, the global calcium silicate insulation material market is expected to be 256 million U.S. dollars, and is expected to reach 320 million U.S. dollars by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% from 2021 to 2026.

The growth of the calcium silicate insulation material market is mainly due to its increasing use in the transportation and power generation industries. The main restrictive factor in the market is the low awareness of the use of insulation products. However, the rising demand for green building materials in developed regions will become a market opportunity.

High temperature is the largest calcium silicate insulation temperature in the calcium silicate insulation market in 2020

The growing aluminum, cement, glass, and petrochemical industries in developing economies, and the rebound in power generation and other industrial activities in advanced economies are expected to drive the development of high-temperature range market segments. The demand for sustainable insulation in the high-temperature processing industry and the increase in regulations supporting this requirement are driving the development of the calcium silicate insulation market.

Metals are expected to be the largest terminal industry in the calcium silicate insulation market between 2021 and 2026

Calcium silicate insulating materials are used in the metal processing industry for steel, aluminum and ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal casting applications, such as steel billets and ingots as transition plates, floats, and nozzles; continuous casting machine headbox; continuous thin plate continuous casting machine tips ; Sprue bushings, pipes, nozzles and feed box linings in low pressure die-casting; hot surface linings for metering/holding furnaces and sinks and dams. It is also used for heat insulation of liquid metal, for example, it is used for direct contact with liquid aluminum alloy, for metal transportation, distribution and flow control. In order to achieve fire resistance, the surrounding steel structure is covered with calcium silicate to provide insulation.

Other applications in the metal industry include the provision of components used to manufacture bolts and ingots in horizontal and vertical casting, such as nozzles, floats, plugs and hot top rings. It is also used as an insulating medium for metal cladding.

In terms of value, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the largest calcium silicate insulation market during the forecast period

Due to increasing investment in developing countries and increasing manufacturing capacity in end industries, especially power generation, petrochemical, transportation, metal processing, and industrial infrastructure activities in developing economies such as China and China, the Asia-Pacific region is gaining momentum in global silicic acid Calcium insulation has a dominant position in the market. India. This has promoted the demand for insulation materials, which has made a significant contribution to the growth of the calcium silicate insulation materials market in the Asia-Pacific region. Due to its increasing industrialization and low-cost manufacturing technology, China is the main market for calcium silicate insulating materials in the Asia-Pacific region. Since production costs in this region are lower than in other regions, most of the major players operating in the calcium silicate insulation market have production capacity in the Asia-Pacific region.

4 Premium Insights 4.1 Attractive opportunities in the calcium silicate insulating material market 4.2 North America: Calcium silicate insulating material market, by end-use industry and country 4.3 Calcium silicate insulating material market, by region 4.4 Calcium silicate insulating material market, region Vs. Terminal Industry 4.5 Calcium Silicate Insulation Material Market Attractiveness

5 Market overview and industry trends 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Market dynamics 5.2.1 Driving factors Rapid urbanization and infrastructure development Strict supervision of conventional insulation products Enforce energy-saving and efficiency regulations to promote calcium silicate Market 5.2.2. 2 Constraints Low awareness of the use of insulation products 5.2.3 Opportunities Rising demand for green building materials Innovation in the end industry drives the calcium silicate insulation market 5.2.4 Challenges High installation costs and Demand for skilled labor Availability of alternative products 5.3 Porter's Five Forces Analysis 5.4 Supply Chain Analysis 5.5 Technical Analysis 5.6 Trends/Disruptions Affecting Customer Business 5.7 Connected Market: Ecosystem 5.8 Case Study 5.9 Macroeconomic Calculation Index Market 5.: Realistic, pessimistic, optimistic and non-CO VID-19 scenarios 5.11 Tariffs and regulatory landscape 5.12 COVID-19 impact 5.13 COVID-19 impact: customer analysis 5.14 patent analysis 5.14.1 method 5.14.2 document type 5.14.3 jurisdiction analysis 5.14 .4 Main applicant

6 Calcium silicate insulation market, introduced by temperature range 6.1

7 Calcium silicate insulation material market, according to the end-use industry 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Power generation 7.2.1 The high compressive strength of calcium silicate insulation material promotes the market in this industry 7.3 Petrochemical 7.3.1 High heat resistance and low thermal shrinkage rate promote the market 7.4 Metal 7.4.1 Non-ferrous metal casting applications have a positive impact on the industrial market 7.5 Industry 7.5.1 Construction activities in emerging economies drive the market in the industrial sector 7.6 Transportation 7.6.1 Increased applications in the marine industry drive the market 7.7 Others

8 Calcium silicate insulation market, by region

9 Competitive landscape 9.1 Introduction 9.2 Market evaluation framework 9.3 Strategies of major players 9.3.1 Overview of strategies adopted by major calcium silicate insulation material manufacturers 9.4 Market share analysis 9.4.1 Ranking of major market players in 2020 9.4.29 Major participants 4.2.1 Skamol A&A Material Corporation Promat (Etex Group) BNZ Materials Nichias Corporation 9.5 Revenue analysis of the top five participants 9.6 Company product footprint analysis 9.7 Company evaluation Matrix (Level 1) 9.7 Terminology/naming Star Emerging leaders 9.8 Start-up/SME evaluation matrix 9.8.1 Term/naming Responsive company Dynamic company Startup block Product Situations 9.9. Trend Collection launched 9.9.2 Discount 9.9.3 Other developments

10 Company Profile 10.1 Main Participants 10.1.1 Skamol 10.1.2 Promat (Etex Group) 10.1.3 A&A Material Corporation 10.1.4 BNZ Materials 10.1.5 Johns Manville 10.1.6 Anglitemp 10.1.7 Nichias Corporation 10.10.19 Cal Sanle Group 10.1.10 Taiyou International Business Co., Ltd. 10.1.11 Guangdong New Element Building Materials Co., Ltd. 10.1.12 Beijing Huoke Board Building Materials Co., Ltd. 10.2 Other major market players 10.2.1 Ramco Industries 10.2.2 RCM Roofing & Coating Materials 10.2 .3 Laizhou Mingguang Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. 10.2.4 Litecore A/S 10.2.5 Epasit 10.2.6 Insulcon 10.2.7 Nippon Keical 10.2.8 Suoben International 10.2.9 Ningbo Yihe Green Board Co., Ltd. 10.2.10 Gold Tektronix Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. 10.2.11 Zhejiang Hailong New Building Materials Co., Ltd. 10.2.12 American Elements 10.2.13 Xinxin Technology Co., Ltd. 10.2.14 Moko Products 10.2.15 Luoyang Wanhao New Materials Co., Ltd.

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